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Every once in a while an article comes along that so clearly and articulately points to what we are all about that it must be separated from the rest to call attention to it. So it is with Steve Crosby’s “Agape that Works”. If you had just enough time to read just one article on the entire website this would be it.

Start HereThis is who we are. We are just a group of men and women who say “Enough!” to all the human programs and recipes for the new, emerging church of the 21st Century. The Almighty Lord Jesus Christ is flexing His muscle and is going to have His Church back. Now out of the hands of Hirelings, Business experts, Christian psychologists and sociologists and denominational heads the real HEAD of the church will rule and reign in His Kingdom. It’s going to be great but it will not be pretty.

Words like suffering for His glory, sacrifice for others, death to self, love for the brethren, brokenness, and humility will again be the adjectives and descriptions used for those who are “known” among us. Sounds like another “flipping of the tables” from the present arrogant and prideful celebrity atmosphere in our conferences and yearly gatherings.

If you are in the “Perfect Doctrine for unity Camp” you need to quickly leave, this is not your cup of tea. You are willing to allow yourself time to change your doctrine after “careful and meticulous study of scripture” (Barf!)  But you have not one ounce of patience and faith for the Lord to bring maturity in others. You are hard, unbending and you think you are the only defender of truth. By the way, that is an illness and it’s called pride and “no faith in the Lord to build His Church”.

Start Here

So Family start here, May the Lord bless you as you read CLICK HERE

Much Love,

Jose Bosque