Tired of being a Church Tweaker?

Tired of being a Church Tweaker

Why I broke down in tears at “The Future of the Church Summit” by John White

This is probably one of the best videos I have ever seen on the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you tired of making adjustments (Tired of being a Church Tweaker) to the current model of Church? Are you ready to have you heart and mind opened to what the Lord intends to do in the 21st Century? I dare you to take time to hear this video.

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According to Josh Packard in his scrupulously researched book, Church Refugees, there are currently 65,000,000 believers in the USA who are “done” with church, but not their faith. These are not the so-often-caricaturized, “rebellious,” “wounded,” and “bitter,” “Jezebels,” and “heretics.” These are often the best and the brightest, the finest and the most committed to Christ. There are another 7,000,000 “on their way to being done.” There are currently 65,000,000 in the US who self-identify as being part of an organized church. Folks, half, or greater, of those who confess Christ in the USA, are DONE.

Do you not think that some self-reflection in leadership is in order instead of self-defensiveness, excuses, rationalizations, self-justifications, program-tweaking, accusations, and labeling of everyone who leaves as “having a problem with authority” and other slanderous labels? I propose that thinking 65,000,000 people are all “rebels,” “missing God,” and “outside of His will” to be a preposterous, and outlandish proposition grounded in hubris, because of issues of ego, money, control, and power, that make self-reflection impossible.

Could it not be that maybe there is something fundamentally out of whack in what we have been calling “church” and “leadership” in the west? Could it not be that 65,000,000 folks might have a point or two worth considering rather than labeling, black-listing, and scape-goating them?

Steve Crosby

Facebook Post 10/27/2015

See the full article here http://stevecrosby.org/body-life/the-nones-and-dones

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  1. I am very much a supporter of organic church but I wish we would stop using terms like “Done with church” “Leaving church”, saying “I am leaving/left Institutionalized church or traditional church” is so much better, the reason I am saying this is because unbelievers will see or misinterpret this as another failure in the body of Christ, we must choose sound words, just my opinion.

    • Hi Andy,
      Most of the time the choice of words is so we get the right google keywords that will connect us to those that need our help. Sad but most who leave don’t really care about their congregations public image at that time. As far as organic it too is just a word for the real Body of the Lord Jesus Christ.
      Much love,