The Anointing in the Old & New Covenants

Anointed and anointing are relatively ancient terms, used extensively throughout the Old Testament, and to a lesser degree in the New Testament.  For the...

Church: Who, What, Where & Why

Who is the Church is the number one question I am constantly asked. It seems that when we leave the religious system of men,...
Organic Life

Thoughts on Organic Life

Since Organic Life is more about a Way than about a Doctrine, then our example or what we model in our daily life is...
Missing the Mark

Missing What Mark? Brad Jersak

Periodically, I hear sin defined as “missing the mark,” as if this grand discovery will repair our misunderstandings about sin, the gospel or God...


The Asbury "revival." I humbly submit, absent of cynicism, as a former pastor who's spent years studying so many of the teachings, we were handed...

Humility, The Forgotten Gift

During times of prayer, I felt as though the Lord spoke to me about humility.  Since true humility is probably one of the least...

The Opposite of Saved is NOT Lost!

Why do we need to label people as lost. Do we have a need as Christians to feel superior? God help us! First, let me...

Is our Salvation a Transaction or a Gift?

QUESTION I’ve started reading your book A More Christlike God. I’m fully with you. I do get a bit stuck with some of your theological language...

Faith Deconstruction?

Is there such a thing as faith deconstruction? I am continually struck by the phraseology bandied about today that picks up ascendance in conversation...
Fresh Start

Fresh Start – Being the Church in the 21st Century

The Fresh Start we are talking about here will require a new way to live the New Creation life. As citizens in the Kingdom...
Living Word

The Living Word the Voice of God

The importance of the Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ speaking directly to man through the Holy Spirit has been so dumbed down that...
Relationships in the Church

Beyond Sub-standard Relationships in the Church

What is beyond the relationships in the Church? How do you go beyond these sub-standard relationships? How do you engage with the Church that...
One Anothersvideo

Walking in the 58 One Anothers in The New Testament

There is a great need in the Church today to focus on relationships and learn to minister these 58 one anothers. John Zens
The Law of Christvideo

The Law of Christ in the New Covenant

  Jon Zens The Law of Christ in the New Covenant

The Formula and our Need for a Systematic Theology

The problem with trying to put God  in a box i.e.. "A Formula" has been one of the greatest downfalls of the modern church. Once...

The Problem with Inerrancy

“Inerrancy of scripture” is commonly evoked as a bulwark behind which religious people stand proving their orthodoxy or assessing that of other people’s. Some hold...
Ultimate Redemption

Ultimate Redemption vs. Universalism

Ultimate Redemption vs Universalism “CAN’T EVERYONE RESPOND TO GOD, EVEN IF IT’S IN THE NEXT LIFE? QUESTION: Why can’t everyone come to know God’s grace and mercy,...
Political Savior

The Error of Trusting in a Political Savior

Can non-believers see Christ when His believers look to a political savior? Today, we live in a world divided by politics, political correctness, political...

My Journey out of the Different Institutions

This is my Journey. This is my Testimony. This is how I found Freedom from the institutions in Christ Alone. Though Martin Luther is commonly...
I am sorry

I am Sorry

It’s 4:30 am and the Lord just woke me up from a dream. In the dream My sister and I are visiting my maternal...