Relationships in the Church

Beyond Sub-standard Relationships in the Church

What is beyond the relationships in the Church? How do you go beyond these sub-standard relationships? How do you engage with the Church that...
One Anothersvideo

Walking in the 58 One Anothers in The New Testament

There is a great need in the Church today to focus on relationships and learn to minister these 58 one anothers. John Zens
The Law of Christvideo

The Law of Christ in the New Covenant

  Jon Zens The Law of Christ in the New Covenant

The Formula and our Need for a Systematic Theology

The problem with trying to put God  in a box i.e.. "A Formula" has been one of the greatest downfalls of the modern church. Once...

The Problem with Inerrancy

“Inerrancy of scripture” is commonly evoked as a bulwark behind which religious people stand proving their orthodoxy or assessing that of other people’s. Some hold...
Ultimate Redemption

Ultimate Redemption vs. Universalism

Ultimate Redemption vs Universalism “CAN’T EVERYONE RESPOND TO GOD, EVEN IF IT’S IN THE NEXT LIFE? QUESTION: Why can’t everyone come to know God’s grace and mercy,...
Political Savior

The Error of Trusting in a Political Savior

Can non-believers see Christ when His believers look to a political savior? Today, we live in a world divided by politics, political correctness, political...

My Journey out of the Different Institutions

This is my Journey. This is my Testimony. This is how I found Freedom from the institutions in Christ Alone. Though Martin Luther is commonly...
I am sorry

I am Sorry

It’s 4:30 am and the Lord just woke me up from a dream. In the dream My sister and I are visiting my maternal...

You are an Apostle to Who?

You are an apostle to who? You think you are an Apostle; why? Who are you serving in this capacity? Do they recognize the...
Depths of the Fathers Love

The Many Facets of the Father’s Love

How important is this article on the Father’s Love to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in the 21st Century? Well, I understand...
Leading with love

Leading with Love

Leading with love is God’s way of life for all believers. This is not a leadership article. This is a way-of-life article. If you...

Which Bible is the Word of God?

Which Bible is the Word of God? I think it is a fair question to ask nowadays. This article comes from years of discussion...
Love Remembers

Real Love Remembers

Real love remembers. It is what makes us different from this selfish, self-centered society in which we have been called to live. Like beans...
Ekklesia Life

Tenets of EKKLESIA Life

The journey has been long and these tenets of Ekklesia Life that you are about to read have come at a great price. Before...
Debate between Calvinists and Arminians

The Valueless Debate between Calvinists and Arminians

The age-old debate between Calvinists and Arminians now masquerades under the argument whether Christian's can lose their salvation or are we once saved always...
Theological Certainty

The Illusion of Theological Certainty

The illusion of theological certainty has to be one of the greatest hindrances to spiritual wisdom and the main perpetrator of the divisions in...
Real Easter Celebration

The REAL Easter Celebration

My thoughts on the real Easter Celebration follows; The cross and Resurrection go so far beyond Jesus saving you so you can go to heaven...
Worship Crosby

Church Worship – Is it for Him or for Us? By Steve Crosby

Church Worship - Is is for Him or for us explores the history of humanity's idolatry & compares it to the Sunday morning experience we call Worship.
Rogue from Religion

Going Rogue from Religion – Join Me?

Going Rogue from Religion (the Religious System) is no easy task. The Religious System and its preachers have had a great effect on the...