Where can I find Organic Church near me?

Find Organic Church

Find Organic ChurchWhere can I find Organic Church is the number one question I am always asked.  It breaks my heart because I know to find Organic Church life the individual asking will have to delete hundreds of Religious system files and memory (man -made tradition) added over the years before they can receive a fresh download from Heaven.

You will never find Organic Church using a Religious system road map (Values). That is why the term organic is used. Here is a definition in reference to Organic Church by Frank Viola, author of Pagan Christianity.

“I’ve often said that an organic expression of the church is one in which the members are learning to live by Divine LIFE (Christ) together. They are learning how to live by the indwelling Christ. And out of that living emerges a particular expression. That expression, because it’s derived from LIFE, is “organic.” When the church is living true to herself . . . as an organism . . . her expression is organic. The means and end is Jesus Christ. Christ is known deeply by a group of people who are discovering His infinite riches together and are making Him visible on the planet again.”

Some have sought to confuse the Organic Church with the term House Church because they are usually small and very relational. An Organic Church is not a small institutional church that meets in a house or a small venue. Organic church is all-together something different.

Let’s look together at some of these differences if we seek to find Organic Church.

  1. Organic church is the Body of Christ throughout the world

We are not trying to start a new movement or denomination. Organic Church is simply the Church the Lord is building, the Body of Christ on earth. We are not inventing something new.  We simply want that which is birthed by the head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ and delivered to His saints by the Holy Spirit. In general, we are tired of wasting our time, effort and finances on human programs and man-made religious rituals delegated by religious institutions and denominations. We are hungry and passionate for the real, that which transforms people and places.

  1. Organic churches don’t have branch offices

I am constantly hearing this, “I love what you are saying and I live here in this town do you have an Organic Church in my area?” Organic Churches recognize they are all part of the one Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. We are not trying to come together in unity the unity is already there.

All over the world institutions are copying business models offering Branches/Franchises of their product. Christ is at the center of all things Organic but each Organic “family” has its own personality. Each group is unique as the people that form it. We are not seeking to make clones of ourselves or bring people under our control, like the religious system. We seek to help each follower of Christ attain their full purpose in the Lord.

Organic churches are maintained by relationships. If we cannot walk together in Christ we have nothing to show a world that is already divided. So, they exist where ever followers of Christ are walking together in love.

  1. Organic Church happens whenever 2 or 3 gather in His name

The Organic Church family understands you cannot “go to Church” because we are the church. We believe in gatherings not services. You could say Organic Church is earth-centered while the religious system claims they are Heaven-centered. We understand the Body of Christ was left on earth to affect our society by our love for one another not by how many we can stuff in a building once a week and how loud we can sing to Him.

 Scripture says they will know they are His disciples by their love. Our love for one another comes first and then our love for the lost, in that order. The religious system claims to love God while their members could care less about each other. What testimony is that to a lost world? They claim to care for all these causes and they want to “evangelize” the lost while their own people can’t pay their own electric bills and are getting tired of being manipulated to give more.

  1. Organic churches don’t desire to have a building

Organic Churches are formed by family groups in daily life so Church for us happens at work, at school, in a playground or at the neighborhood grocery store. Anywhere the Lord brings His family together they fellowship, encourage and show love for one another.

Church Buildings today are copies of Heathen temples for Gods that are dead. Christians never had “official” church buildings until they were instituted by the Roman Emperor Constantine in the 4th century. Today we have downgraded the Body of Christ by calling a brick and mortar building the Church.

Organic church people understand that God does not inhabit church buildings He inhabits His people. Our God does not live in temples made by human hands. We are the temple of the Lord. He lives in us.

When society moves into a new area the religious system quickly says we need to put a church over there. They really mean a building with a paid clergy that represents their flavor of Christianity. Organic Church leaders don’t desire to control a territory so we are never looking to expand our brand into an area. We understand that as followers of Christ move into an area Christ will add daily to His Church. Unlike the religious system which seeks to add membership to their institution that meets weekly in a building.

  1. Organic churches don’t have positional leadership

Positional leadership is one that demands the allegiance and ruling authority over the Body of Christ based on their title, seminary degree, ordination, or simply because it’s on their business card.

In the Organic Church leaders consider themselves to be part of the Body of Christ. They have no hierarchical authority over His people. They function in their fivefold gifts based on they trust they have gained because of their maturity in their walk with the Lord. In the Organic church, no relationship means no leadership. Followers of Christ seek to imitate a leader because that leader imitates the Lord. Leaders lead by example more than by what they teach so humility, sincerity, transparency and a sacrificial giving lifestyle are the jewels in the crown of Organic church leaders.

The only headship that exist in the Global Body of Christ is the Lord Jesus who is the Root but we are all branches that’s why we say that we are all ministers. We may have different functions but not to Lord it over His Body.

In Conclusion

The use of the worldwide internet and social media today allows us to quickly and inexpensively reach places and teach where we normally might not have had access. That fact doesn’t change the way the Body of Christ is formed. Social media has been given to us to improve global communication as the Lord who is building his church speeds up his work. To find organic church near you will require more than looking up an address.

We who rightfully use social media do not claim any sphere of influence in the places we reach. We just have the privilege to help those whom the Holy Spirit speaks to and voluntarily respond to us desiring to know more. If they then want to find an Organic church they will still have to make it happen by maintaining relationships among other Christ followers where they live on a day-to-day basis.

Finally, to the brave I say, to find Organic Church is like Mission Impossible if it were not by the Holy Spirit. We have been called to go where we have never been before and love in a way we have never loved before. May the Lord help us to delete the bad and download the good for His honor and His Glory.

Remember none of us have arrived. We are on the journey with you. We will succeed and the Lord will get all the Glory!

Much love,

Jose L. Bosque

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