Church Leadership Quotes

Church Leadership Quotes

The Lord gave these church leadership quotes to me in the early dawn. I had to get up to write them down quickly because I knew I would otherwise forget. I know I am calling them church leadership quotes, but I believe they would work in every sphere that a man or woman of God moves in. As leaders in His Church we must recognize when the Holy Spirit is speaking. Unfortunately, we cannot control the time of His choosing. When the Lord woke me and began to speak, I didn’t move immediately. It wasn’t until the third quote that I recognized the importance of what He was saying and jumped out of bed to write them down.

Some in the Church have even given up on the word leader because of their past wounds. They have wrongly shaped their doctrine around their hurt. Just because you have never seen the real thing, doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. I have been on both sides of the fence. I have wounded others as a leader and been wounded by leaders. Today I understand that I must lead with my loving example, not my gifting.

My use of the words “Lord’s Church” is synonymous with Ekklesia Life and His Kingdom. If you don’t know the difference between the Cruciform way or New Creation thinking and what calls itself the church today, you may have some trouble following.

There is only One Church recognized by our Master and Lord, and it is the one He is building. Men may attempt to divide her with their ministry names and pet doctrines, but she remains one before her King.

For those that must have a Bible verse before they recognize that the Holy Spirit is speaking, everything written below is related to these verses.

Eph 4:11-12  And he gave some, apostles; and some, prophets; and some, evangelists; and some, pastors and teachers; 12 For the perfecting of the saints, for the work of the ministry, for the edifying of the body of Christ.

Below are the Church Leadership Quotes I heard;

  1. As in Creation a tree must reveal/demonstrate its fruit before it receives its title/name.
  2. His Body is not interested in your title until it has been proven by your actions and confirmed by His Spirit.
  3. In the Lord’s Church the word Leadership is a verb and must be first demonstrated before it is authenticated.
  4. Your ongoing loving function makes your standing legitimate before His people. Time tests the hearts, and the Spirit will confirm.
  5. Your caring creates room in the heart of His people for your teaching. That is why there is no “and” between pastor and teacher in the original language of the verse above.
  6. He who doesn’t care for the Lord’s flock has no right to teach it.
  7. The effects of your gifting are directly proportional to the strength of your relationship.
  8. Teaching His people based on your assumed title or gifting is the definition of illegitimacy.
  9. All attempts at positional authority must be questioned and challenged by the Body.
  10. The only authentic authority in the Lord’s Church is relational authority.
  11. Positional leadership is illegitimate leadership. In simple words, you have no right to lead those whom you have not first loved.
  12. The Holy Spirit will not confirm those whom the Lord has not given the authority to lead.
  13. As a leader your loving service to His people must precede your living from their provision.
  14. Any provision by the Body to leadership must be voluntary, and any request for provision that is demanded, required or stipulated is illegitimate before the Lord.
  15. Neither your “position” nor your gifting makes any demands on my giving.

Are we supporting bad Church leadership?

Jesus Christ our Lord will confirm those He calls and sends. Could it be we are confusing charisma and gifting as the Lord’s confirmation?  We need to understand that the gifts were given free; therefore, it is possible that someone functions in a gift without the character to back it up. Many in church leadership see their roles as a title or a position. Our protection against those who call and send themselves is the corporate voice of the Holy Spirit in His Body.

It is a sad picture, but most “church members” have no clue how to hear the Voice of God if it doesn’t come through a man or a Bible verse. That means that during 90% of their daily or weekly life they are not in tune with the Spirit of the Lord. Is it any wonder our testimony as the people of God is not transforming our culture and affecting our society? Until His Body matures, we will continue to support bad leadership.

My prayer is that these Church leadership quotes will speak to those who have an ear to hear. Change is on the horizon and I welcome it!

Much Love,

Jose L. Bosque


  1. For 60+ years I was part of a Pentecostal Restoration Movement.
    Wonderful when it began, when original leadership died the the Hierarchy, 2 nd generation led in a different direction with strong control and before long severe moral and monetary problems and sin .
    That’s enough history!
    I studying the whole subject of leadership I came up with the following principles.
    I would love your review, comments and thoughts !

    I do believe in leadership and gifts of ministry being needed in the Ekklesia, but they should never be viewed as the Head or the Husband of the Church/Ekklesia !!!

    Leadership in the Kingdom of God, The Church, His Body, of which Jesus Christ is the Head !!!

    All leadership should be only by Example !!!
    Never by coercion or domination .
    Always as a Servant
    It should appear as “A Fellow Gifted Follower who “comes along side” to use their Gift to equip and assist you on your journey to the Heavenly City !

    Never worshiped as an Idol , but always honored and appreciated as one who has been there to help you on your way.

    Should always be One of “Many” (a PLURALITY of) Gifted Followers whose diverse Gifts provide the full range of guidance and help that “singularly” is only found in the Lord Jesus !
    So that at His Name alone every knee should bow and every tongue should confess that He is Lord to the glory of the Father !!!

    It should be noted that this concept would probably never be effective in any other sector of human endeavor, i.e. Business, Military, Government or even in organized Religious Systems.
    Woe unto us if we try to use systems that work in these institutions
    Jesus alone is to be the CEO,

    This MODEL will probably only be seen operating
    in the true expression of Ecclesia. of which He, Jesus, is the Head !!!

    Does this strike a balance that is acceptable ???