Church Revolution The Need for a Biblical Emancipation

Church Revolution

Church RevolutionHave you ever wondered why the Church is in the mess it is in? Or maybe you have thought everything is fine; it’s just you the Lord will not bless. Have you thought to yourself after reading some of these articles “Why are these people so way off from what I learned in seminary and seen all my life?

Brethren we have been infected by a virus. It is called RELIGION or the SYSTEM. It’s human and it requires human works to sustain it. There is not one ounce of HOLY SPIRIT in it. There is no room for the Headship of the Lord Jesus Christ because the little kings/dictators who rule it refuse to surrender His Church to Him.

The root of the problem is the switch from a love-based Kingdom to a money-generating not-for-profit venture or fiefdom called the church. The system’s greatest expression is arrogant individualistic ministry versus the unity found in the Trinity/Godhead.  Verbal assent is given to biblical truths, but really in practice it is all about the individual congregation. All finances are handled by the leader, his family or those he/she controls with a paycheck. According to them it is the only way they can protect themselves from “sheep bites” and a fickle flock.

Upton Sinclair said: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.”

“Members” of these weekly social clubs have been dumbed down more than the black race during slavery. Actually it is the Afro-American pastors who are some of the worst at using and abusing their people. The “Master/Pastor/Bishop/Apostles” rules and reigns over the people. The sheep are told they exist to support the Vision of the House which can be translated the promotion of the Pastors dreams, wishes, and desires. Members are told they are “laity” or support personnel to the “clergy,” and no attention is given to their gifts and callings.

No one asks questions, and if they do they are blackballed as a discontented, divisive individual. When word comes down the grapevine from the top your so-called friends will scatter, and you will find yourself very alone. Sad to say some of the Lord’s people find out about these truths, but like many blacks after their emancipation from slavery, they return back to serve their wicked masters. It’s because people fear the peer pressure more than they long for true biblical freedom.

Don’t misunderstand my purpose. This is not a hate the pastor website. The pain goes both ways, and the problem is usually the system, not the people. I have cried and prayed with good men whose call was real and whose hearts were sincere. They only did was was taught to them in the seminary and the church growth conferences. They meant well, but the system kills. Religion is of human origin and it’s girded up by corporate principles of making a profit. A week doesn’t pass by that I don’t  hear of a pastor or church leader who has succumbed to the temptations and sins of this age. My heart breaks for leaders, and that’s why this site exists.

How can we change this mess?? Nothing less than a revolution will do!  Nothing less than valiant men and women of Faith will usher it in!

I believe we need to return to the biblical foundations. We need to understand why we were taught what we were taught. We need to see how the virus entered and what verses and definitions were twisted to achieve their human objectives. We need to be set free. We need a biblical emancipation!

Church Revolution The Need for a Biblical Emancipation

Jose L. Bosque


Jose Bosque is Editor in Chief and founder of Viral Cast Media which oversees GodsLeader, JaxChristian now ViralChrist and 15 other websites. He has ministered in Jacksonville since 1987 and served the city since 1992 as a citywide servant leader. Jose is considered a resource and a spiritual father to many leaders in the city and in the 54 nations where the Lord has sent him to serve. Originally born in Cuba, Jose has resided in Jacksonville since 1966.

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Frank Viola has written a great book called Reimagining Church and at the end he has placed a 16 page teaching in PDF format called;


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I know of no better material to give to someone who is asking questions concerning the leadership of the Body of Christ- The One Church of the Lord Jesus Christ. Get ready to be challenged and I pray that you will be changed by the Spirit of the Living God!

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To order the book in Spanish: Iglesia Reconfigurada: Cómo lograr el ideal de la iglesia orgánica


  1. Phenomenal revelation here. My husband and I pastored and this was our heart and vision. We were treated like aliens, crazy people etc. We have been searching for like minded believers that wish to see the New Testament church back in place and reformation brought to the existing “church business” that is so prevalent today. Don’t stop spreading the word of truth. God wants to return to a spotless bride… Would love to know how to get involved with this ministry.

      • Jose, I met you in Jacksonville at the ‘last’ House to House conference. This is an excellent article. The Lord has been helping me transition our tradition ministry into a network of interdependent house gatherings. I concur with much of what you have shared regarding the ‘Black Church’. I would add that I have found that many of the people in these ‘churches’ equate the elevation of a man with the worship of God. In the process of transition, I am finding that mindset a tough one to break. Pray for us in this quest. Prayerfully we can connect again.

  2. I suggest what we need is not a return to “biblical foundations” . Whose foundations based on whose interpretations? There are lots of things that are “biblical” that are unlike Jesus. If it is “so simple” to interpret scripture why are there tens of thousands of denominations? Do we really think we are better and smarter than 2,000 years of the collective experience of all believers who have preceded us? The hubris is mind boggling, but it is standard fare of “restorationist” thinking. I also believe that seminaries are not the problem and prove to everyone but ourselves, apparently, that we have learned ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. As long as “they” are the problem—seminaries, leaders, congregations, institutions—whoever—as long as it is the other, we’ve learned nothing other than to consistently repackage new scapegoats. Isn’t 500 years of that enough? It doesn’t work. Never will. Because it is antichrist. It always boils down to endless fragmentations of what is biblical—your interpretation versus mine. I would argue we do not need to leave a “system” or create a new “one.” We need to dump EVERYTHING we have been taught about “here’s the NT pattern” about how to do church. There is no NT ideal pattern, never has been. We need to dump the infected doctrines we’ve absorbed from 500 years of deformed Protestantism, including “organic church” dogma—yes, it exists. We need to learn to read the scriptures with a better hermeneutic, and live more accurately out of a better hermeneutic, love more accurately based on what we see at Calvary and DUMP ALL this leadership and “how to do church” obsession. Live well, love well, suffer well, forgive radically, give radically and all these other things will unfold marvelously. Until we realize WE ARE THE PROBLEM, you, me, Frank, any of us, we are yet far from the kingdom and will remain so until we stop blaming others for the logical harvest of OUR OWN aberrant doctrines and practices and the suffocating elitism that goes with them.