Conclave 2021 Topics & Dream

Conclave Dream

Last night I had a dream concerning Conclave which I feel sure is from the Lord. I submitted to you so that you can read it and see if the Holy Spirit would confirm it to you. You may not feel comfortable discussing taking action prophetically, but I submit to you we are in 2021 and were warned of the changes that took place in 2020.

Roughly a month ago I sent out an email asking some longtime elders among us to pray concerning their participation and consider the subjects to be covered. We have discussed Conclave 2021 in our Thursday Fellowship Zoom meetings, but as of today we had no specific direction.

It is very common for the Lord to speak to me in the early part of the morning. As I awake, I am in bed, my eyes are closed, I am aware that the Lord is speaking something in my Spirit. The more awake I become, the clearer and more specific the subject becomes.

Last night’s dream I seemed I was back in the 1800s. I was living on a farm and struggling to figure out how to produce a crop in a particular free acre of the land. Not everything would grow there, and I felt an urgency to get the workers to plant the right crops for a quick harvest. There was an urgency in the dream expecting something to happen in the future that we would need the food.

(Like in all dreams there was a lot of muddled information, such as a picture in a particular part of my yard with some plants I have been transplanting, and different people close to me coming in and out of my view.)

At the end of the dream, I was aware the Lord was speaking about Conclave 2021. Here are the subjects I remember.

  1. Building His Body Up during 2021. Expanding and strengthening our current fellowship. Solidifying the times and locations of our regional meetings. The example the Lord gave me was Steve’s Techno-Eucharist as an example of a novel way the Lord has given us to strengthen the Body.


2. Preparations for the Future. A kind of Moses; what have you in your hand? We provide the rod, and the Lord will provide the miracle for whatever we are about to face both in the short and long term. Specifically, here is what I heard: Prepare the infrastructure for our united response to cataclysmic events like cots and sleeping bags for many people in one place not only in one location.


3. Covid19 and Corona Virus Vaccination Q & A time. Have my daughter come and as a Christian Doctor to answer questions. I have not asked her, but I believe she would come for one seminar.

As you can see none of these topics are of a theological teaching nature but more of a relational nature. I do not think the above topics encompass the full extent of what the Lord will bring to the table during our time together. I just submit them to you for prayer, and if they are confirmed in your spirit maybe you can ask the Lord, “What do I bring to the table?” Brothers like Harry and Bryan came to my mind that they carry information we all need. I feel sure others do too.

Back in 2013, the Lord gave me a dream like this concerning a future stock market crash in America. I have not pushed it publicly except in specific instances. I do recommend you read it if you have not.

Please feel free to share your heart since Conclave 2021 belongs to the Body.

Much love,

Jose L Bosque