Going Rogue from Religion – Join Me?

Rogue from Religion

Rogue from ReligionGoing Rogue from Religion (the Religious System) is no easy task. The Religious System and its preachers have had a great effect on the Body of Christ. There is so much Old Testament mixture being preached as New Covenant gospel today. This mixture has produced no disciples – just needy, “I got to get my Sunday morning fix”, milk-drinking saints who have had no effect on the culture or their generations.

As the people of the Lord, religion and how to deal with it is a real problem. First, nobody who attends church today in the religious system thinks they are in Religion. This is the power behind “the Matrix” that is the modern church.

Second, many who can “see” have chosen to try to be nice and political with the current mess. This attitude will not help the church any more than a doctor can be nice to gangrene. Love will not work from within. You don’t get in the quicksand; you throw them a rope from solid ground.

As you read these comparisons it is my desire to be clear and make a distinction from the watered down gospel and sub-par Christianity that pervades the modern “Church” scene. I make no claims to having arrived. In fact I myself at one time proposed all of these evils that I now decry as less than for a follower of Christ. It is my prayer since you can’t see my tears that the Holy Spirit would reveal to you the love and compassion behind what you will read. This is not another we are better than them. This is simply being faithful to 30 years of the Master Potter’s work on this vessel. Freedom begins by getting our minds free from years of this Toxic Teaching that is full of mixture.

Going Rogue from Religion starts here:

The Great Commission is to make disciples, not to “get people saved” or make local church members.

The Focus of the Cross was not our sin, but Christ’s perfect sacrifice unto the Father. A finished work!

The Focus of the Gospel is much more than “Going to Heaven when you Die,” but bringing Heaven to Earth Now!

The word of God is not a sermon or a bible verse. It is the Holy Spirit talking to us (Rhema) all the time and anywhere.

I do because I am – not to be.

My works are motivated by my love without an agenda, not any addition to His perfect sacrifice on the Cross.

Because Christ did it right one time for all, I stand right before the Father today, not because I confessed all my sins before I went to sleep.

In the Old Testament it says that His presence abides in the worship of His people, but today His presence abides IN His people.

Worship of the Lord is a daily lifestyle and starts when our feet come off our bed. It is not the singing part just before the preaching.

If all you got is something that happens inside the 4 walls of a building once a week, you have much to be pitied for.

His presence is not outside of me or in a building. His presence is within me.

Today the Church is God’s chosen people, and we are the New Jerusalem, the Israel of God.

It’s time to rethink the doctrine of Hell to motivate the saints to holiness with fear when the Bible clearly says that it’s the goodness of God that leads to repentance.

We understand life’s suffering to be a means to our maturity. While we may not understand everything He permits in our life, we understand it is never retribution from an evil Father.

The Rapture is an invention of man to supposedly get defeated saints out of the earth before things get any worse. For the record: KING JESUS and His Kingdom win no matter what it looks like. Faith is the substance of things NOT seen. Unpack your bags and let’s “Get ‘er done.”

If you are “In Christ,” you are in unity with the Godhead, if you are in unity with the Godhead you are in unity with His Body on earth.

Following Christ is a daily lifestyle, not a weekly Sunday morning attendance to a service.

Religion judges your piety by the externals, so they dress up the place and the person. We instead are discerning of the internal graces and character.

Religion is out to make members so they can take pride in numbers. We take time to care for each personally and our focus is what would Jesus do.

Religion makes people into clones. We understand the unique diversity of God’s grace and allow for people to be free to be what He desires.

In Religion church is like joining a religious club each with its own a particular brand. We are a global family (Kingdom) of caring brothers and sisters.

There is only one Church with many congregations. The Lord Jesus, Head of His Church sees no races and no denominations.

We are motivated to love the brethren and build strong relationship bonds, not the desire to align people to our supposed perfect, pure, and holy doctrine.

Living examples of Love, not Correct Doctrine authenticates our Gospel and makes us One in Christ!

Serving Christ is not a profession (job). It is a calling (passion) fueled by the Holy Spirit.

Religion focuses on Christ in Heaven and His mediators (priests and pastors) on earth. We seek to be Christ (the Body of Christ) in this fallen world.

We believe in the four-fold gifts (pastors-teachers, evangelists, prophets and apostles), but they are just functions for equipping the Body, not positions to lord over His people.

All of God’s people are ministers, (Clergy) “The portion of the Lord!” There are no spectators in the Kingdom!

Religion merchandises the gospel. Christ alone is our Source of financial provision.

Religion expects to receive from those they minister to. We don’t minister for a price.

We are not “Christ peddlers.” We voluntarily choose to give ourselves away freely.

Religion uses selfish pronouns, but the New Testament in Greek knows nothing of “My Church”, “My Pastor”, “My Priest,” or “My Ministry” as these words are used today.

Finally, The Lord who is building His Church will not build on the foundation of man-made religion.

1 Cor 1:23-24
23 but we preach Christ crucified, to the Jews (Religion) a stumbling block and to the Greeks (the Lost) foolishness,

The word translated stumbling-block is the Greek word “SCANDALON”  where we get our word scandal. Let the wise reader understand!

You don’t have to agree with me for me to love you!

May the Lord be patient and long-suffering with you as He has been with me.

Much love

Jose L. Bosque

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