The Church should not be a Business by the Church Anarchist

the church should not be a businessThe Church should not be a Business It’s Time for the Church to go Out of Business by

This is my first collaboration with another blogger, the very talented Keith Giles ( who wrote and narrated this post. It received almost 1,000 views in a single day, without even sharing it here or on Facebook. Some Followers on Twitter referred to it as a “manifesto” but I’ll let you decide that for yourself. However, if it does strike a chord with you, please pass it on!


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A family of authors dealing with a Christian Leaders transition from institutional church systems to the New Testament model based on the Father’s Love, Authentic Relationships and the Kingdom of our Lord.This website exists to advance the Kingdom of the Lord Jesus Christ using the existing technology available to us in the 21st Century. Online articles don’t really lend themselves to teaching since there are few substantive relationships; readers don’t really know your heart and haven’t watched your example. Real Christian leaders don’t get into bible verse bantering with immaturity. We are not the Holy Spirit and the Church is not ours. We offer the truth in love so those who have a teachable spirit will take it before the Lord. We are not the last word. We aim to lead not drive His Body. Love reigns over all, our unity is in the Lord not in doctrine. Christ wins and the Lord builds His Church. Selah…

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