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Monthly Archives: December 2013

carrying the Christvideo

Carrying the Christ at Christmas

I remember the years that the words “Christ in us the hope of Glory” were all about the benefits of having raised my hand...
Kingdom Identity

Our True Kingdom Identity — Who Are We Really? by Tim Price

One aspect of God’s kingdom deals with who we are as Christ’s followers and where our loyalty, identity and belonging rest… Over the years...
why Fellowship with others

5 Reasons why Fellowship with Others eludes us by Chip Brogden

If everyone is looking for fellowship, why is fellowship so hard to find?  And once we have found it, why is it so hard...
stand upon the mountainvideo

Leaving the Pew to Stand upon the Mountain (Prophetic Revelation) by Kriston Couchey

Dangling from the edge of the cliff, I struggled once again to pull myself up unto the level plain before me which capped the...