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Monthly Archives: February 2014

organic church life

In Search of Organic Church Life

I am aware that the majority of the church world is in La-La Land and that this article is going to be understood by...
understanding unchurched

Understanding Unchurched Christians and why they are leaving the Church

I can’t do a better job of defining the current term “leaving church” than Frank Viola so here is an excerpt from his article...
Church Revolution

Church Revolution The Need for a Biblical Emancipation

Have you ever wondered why the Church is in the mess it is in? Or maybe you have thought everything is fine it’s just...
Spiritual Dysfunction

Gods Redemptive Grace is not His Approval of Spiritual Dysfunction by Steve Crosby

God is magnificently redemptive. None of us would have any hope if that were not the case. Yet we must not confuse His redemption...