I prefer Godly Wisdom over the Latest News & Information

I prefer Simple Direction over a Myriad of Alternatives

I prefer Fresh Rhema (His Voice) over an Adulterated Logos or a Sermon

I prefer a Living Example over Specialists and their Theories

I prefer to Help Others over the Selfish Fearful Scream in my Heart

I prefer Empathetic Prayer for the Suffering over reading a detached joker’s Meme

I prefer the Lord Jesus Christ himself over the Human Trappings of Christianity

I prefer Walking alone in my Garden over walking the famous halls of the White House

I prefer being with the Few who love me over being with the Many who like me

I prefer my Authentic Family over My many So-Called Friends & Relatives

I prefer to Find the One Immovable piece of Rock over having access to the many beaches of shifting sands

I choose to feel the Wind in my back over my need to see the Shore!

Much Love

Jose L Bosque

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