How to Avoid the Religious Defaults in Your Quiet Time


your quiet timeWhy am I writing this? I have Christian Music piping in softly from Pandora, I am tucked away in a corner of my office, and my Bible is less than a foot away waiting for me to color and mark another special verse. In the meantime thousands of thoughts from my To Do List are wrestling in my mind for dominance over my desire to meditate upon the Lover of my Soul.

I cry out, “Oh Father how I long for your embrace!” Beam me up Lord, take me from this rat race down here and allow me to commune with you. Then I hear his voice when He spoke to the Father;

John 17:15 I do not pray that You should take them out of the world, but that You should keep them from the evil one.

Lord, what are you saying? Don’t you understand I can’t hear you in the midst of all this mess down here? That’s why I am hiding in this place right now. I just can’t deal with this world right now. I need to feel I am in a holy place.

Then I hear Him again: I am your hiding place, and I am in you now. Don’t seek external peace because that depends on life’s circumstances, but find me. I am your quiet time. I am your rest.

John 14:27 Peace I leave with you, My peace I give to you; not as the world gives do I give to you.

I understand now Father. You are saying that intimacy with you is not based on a physical location,  but a spiritual place. A place I can experience 24/7 with you no matter where I go or what is happening around me. Oh Father, let this be the default of my soul. Let me find rest in you no matter what is happening in my life!

I can hear Him say, “That’s only lesson one, son, I have much more to say to you. I appreciate your desire for worship music, but that too is external for you right now.”

What do you mean Lord? It puts me in a spiritual mood! It soothes my soul.

“That’s why Karl Marx said “Religion is the Opium of the masses.” You are not a cobra that needs to hear the sound of the snake charmers. Look again to what I have said.”

Eph 5:19 speaking to one another in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord,

“If you are directing it to others, it is out loud, but if it’s directed to me it must come from your heart. Simply filling the atmosphere with others worship is not having intimacy with me. I want to hear the song in your heart. It’s about you and me. I long for you to remove all your religious practices, and just seek me from the depth of your heart.”

I got you Father; you are not interested in professional sound and lyrics. You are interested in the cry of your children. Like a proud parent at their child’s first piano recital, no matter what it sounds like, it is heavenly to you. Ok Lord, I am turning off the radio, and I will sing songs of thanksgiving to you from the depth of my heart!

Then I hear Him say “I have more to say to you.”

“About that Bible that you are reading through like its homework, that is not why I gave it to you. I don’t need you to memorize it and spit it out like a trained parrot. I need it to read you, not you read it. It’s not about how much of it you know, but how much of it you actually apply in your daily life. I have plenty of people that can recite it, but I have few disciples that are actually living it. That Bible is not me, quit worshipping it! I am the Word of Life! You have to listen to the Holy Spirit translate it to you otherwise you will add men’s opinions to it. For example I said through Paul:

Rom 10: 17 So then faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

I said Rhema, not Logos. It’s two different words; Logos is my word (like the Bible), but Rhema is my specific word for the hour and for the need. You need to hear my daily Rhema from me, not just read Logos hoping something will jump out at you, or you come across something I said that you like. One is based on religious practice, but the other comes from a relationship with me. Rhema can come from Logos, but it doesn’t have to. I want time with you, not with your religious practices.”

I understand Lord.

Here I am Lord! I am yours Lord! Settle my spirit, Father! Put me in tune with what you are doing Lord. I don’t want to waste another day of my life chasing my own desires, and then asking you to bless them. Surely you have lives I can bless today! Help me not to miss you in others.

Fill me to overflowing Holy Spirit. Take full control of this body. May it serve you, King Jesus, all the days of my life. Thank you for stripping away the externals, my Father. Where would I be without you? You are my friend, you’re my brother, you’re my Father, You are my God!


Thank you Father!

Jose Bosque

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  1. Thanks, Jose. No matter how I want to escape this realm to be with my God, I must realize He is with me – HERE. My religious activity, and yes I certainly have religious activity in my life, only placates my soul for a while. At some point I can’t pick up that Bible or turn on that worship music and somehow feel I have reached intimacy with God. You expressed it well. I must come to know Him in me. To be His disciple, to hear His Rhema word for me right now, I sometimes need to be alone and openly bare my soul to Him. I can’t afford to hide myself in my religious activity any more.
    Thanks for the reminder.

  2. Wow, thankyou Brother for sharing this revolation, I so agree with it I was shown this several year’s ago and have been working toward living in it for some time, it is so hard to shake off all that religiousness that we all have been programmed into through the church (not being critical of the church as a whole) it is just the way thing’s have been passed down by the tradition’s of men for so many year’s. He put me aside for a time a while back for the purpose of getting to know Him (THE TRUTH) and I learned that if I wanted to know Him I needed to look within for that is where He was dwelling, spending time in His Word showed me who I am in Him and who He Is in me, I tried to memorize scripture but He said to me read it, I WILL RIGHT ON THE TABLET’S OF YOUR HEART to be brought to memory when needed, for My purpose, I realized that a head knowlage was only superficial knowladge but to have a heart knowlage was true life in Christ, and again He will preform it, there is not a day that goes by that in conversation with someone that He doesn’t bring to memory a scripture/scripture’s that suit that moment.I am so thankful for this and encourage anyone who hear’s what you have shared to take heed to the message and seek Him first for then ALL thing’s can be added unto us!!!! Thankyou again God Bless E!!!!