Unity is Not Uniformity

Christian Unity is Not Uniformity! by Steve Crosby

Can two walk together except they be agreed? Amos 3:3 Christian Unity is Not Uniformity. Can two walk together in disagreement? YES! It grieves the Spirit...
love is tested

Love is Tested when Brothers Disagree

There is probably no greater test of the love we have for one another and the unity in Christ that we proclaim than when...
Living Word

The Living Word the Voice of God

The importance of the Living Word, the Lord Jesus Christ speaking directly to man through the Holy Spirit has been so dumbed down that...
Political Savior

The Error of Trusting in a Political Savior

Can non-believers see Christ when His believers look to a political savior? Today, we live in a world divided by politics, political correctness, political...
Leading with love

Leading with Love

Leading with love is God’s way of life for all believers. This is not a leadership article. This is a way-of-life article. If you...
Church Diet High in Bible Low on Love

Church Diet High in Bible Low on Love by Steve Crosby

For many of us, the search for the perfect and purest doctrine was a quest that was molded into our being as soon we...
Spiritual Dysfunction

Gods Redemptive Grace is not His Approval of Spiritual Dysfunction by Steve Crosby

God is magnificently redemptive. None of us would have any hope if that were not the case. Yet we must not confuse His redemption...
Worship Crosby

Church Worship – Is it for Him or for Us? By Steve Crosby

Church Worship - Is is for Him or for us explores the history of humanity's idolatry & compares it to the Sunday morning experience we call Worship.
sunday sermons

How are my Sunday Sermons? by Jon Zens

I could just see a pastor asking his members this question.How are my Sunday Sermons? Perhaps that is not the best way to judge...
Answering Questions about our Church Family

Answering Questions about Our Church Family by Keith Giles

Answering Questions about our Church Family was written by Kieth Giles and offered to the Organic Church Page on Facebook, so I thought it...
I am sorry

I am Sorry

It’s 4:30 am and the Lord just woke me up from a dream. In the dream My sister and I are visiting my maternal...
seeking the presence of god

Pagan Practice of Seeking the Presence of God

For years as a Christian and a pastor, I struggled with my identity in Christ. I was taught that Christ was in His Bible...
Spiritual formulas

Difference Between Knowing God and Spiritual Formulas

A friend and I were recalling the season many years ago when a popular teaching on faith emerged that promoted a clear cut strategy...
Go and Make Disciples

The Missing Link Go and Make Disciples

What is real Evangelism- Its nothing less than Go and Make Disciples. This is the missing Link in the church of the 21st Century!
Study to Show Yourself Approvedvideo

The Study to Show Yourself Approved Misinterpretation by Steve Crosby

You Can’t “Study” to be an “Approved and Unashamed” Workman! Have you ever met someone who was a walking-talking Bible encyclopedia, yet unlike Christ in...
One Anothersvideo

Walking in the 58 One Anothers in The New Testament

There is a great need in the Church today to focus on relationships and learn to minister these 58 one anothers. John Zens
Real Easter Celebration

The REAL Easter Celebration

My thoughts on the real Easter Celebration follows; The cross and Resurrection go so far beyond Jesus saving you so you can go to heaven...
Getting Back to Christ

Getting Back to Christ the True Center of Christianity by Kokichi Kurosaki

Recently, some have recognized the impotency and wrongness of the existing state of the churches and are endeavoring to remedy the situation by reuniting...
The Law of Christvideo

The Law of Christ in the New Covenant

  Jon Zens The Law of Christ in the New Covenant

How to Survive the Valley of Suffering

Valley of Suffering? What are you talking about? We are victorious Christians. We walk on water. We have all the answers in the Bible....