Ekklesia Life

Tenets of EKKLESIA Life

The journey has been long and these tenets of Ekklesia Life that you are about to read have come at a great price. Before...
worship of the bible

Worship of the Bible is Idolatry by Steve Crosby

There was a Body before there was a Christian “Bible.” This is a threatening fact for many. It is none-the-less, an indisputable historical fact....
celebrity pastors

Celebrity Pastors Getting to the ROOT of the Problem

America is one big celebrity culture. Big names. Big followings. Big money. One expects celebrity worship and big money in the culture of the...
Go and Make Disciples

The Missing Link Go and Make Disciples

What is real Evangelism- Its nothing less than Go and Make Disciples. This is the missing Link in the church of the 21st Century!
love is tested

Love is Tested when Brothers Disagree

There is probably no greater test of the love we have for one another and the unity in Christ that we proclaim than when...
Unity in the Body of Christ

The Truth about Unity in the Body of Christ by Steve Crosby

It is sad to say but very few believers actually understand the truth about unity in the Body of Christ. What follows doesn't come...
Presence of the Lord

Why Seek the Presence of the Lord?

Why do we seek the presence of the Lord today? The current modern church landscape has many things wrong with it. We all know...
Rogue from Religion

Going Rogue from Religion – Join Me?

Going Rogue from Religion (the Religious System) is no easy task. The Religious System and its preachers have had a great effect on the...
thye pagan conversion to christianity

The Early Church and the Pagan Conversion to Christianity by Steve Crosby

Have you ever wondered why hundreds and thousands joined the early communities when it would cost them everything? Great grace, power, and fear were...
Debate between Calvinists and Arminians

The Valueless Debate between Calvinists and Arminians

The age-old debate between Calvinists and Arminians now masquerades under the argument whether Christian's can lose their salvation or are we once saved always...
Spiritual Dysfunction

Gods Redemptive Grace is not His Approval of Spiritual Dysfunction by Steve Crosby

God is magnificently redemptive. None of us would have any hope if that were not the case. Yet we must not confuse His redemption...

How to Survive the Valley of Suffering

Valley of Suffering? What are you talking about? We are victorious Christians. We walk on water. We have all the answers in the Bible....
Real Easter Celebration

The REAL Easter Celebration

My thoughts on the real Easter Celebration follows; The cross and Resurrection go so far beyond Jesus saving you so you can go to heaven...
Theological Certainty

The Illusion of Theological Certainty

The illusion of theological certainty has to be one of the greatest hindrances to spiritual wisdom and the main perpetrator of the divisions in...
others centered

The Test of Others Centered Christianity

Are you others-centered? We are living in perhaps the most selfish and self-centered generation to date. Life in this 21st century is all about...
End Time Prophecy

Why the World is not interested in your End Time Prophecy

Recently, I have seen an undue and unscriptural focus concerning End Time prophecy. It worries me that some think they have the entire end-time...
All of Christ through all the voices

All of Christ Through All the Voices by Jon Zens

All of Christ Through All the Voices is Jon Zens favorite topic. Here is another of his article challenging the Church on this topic...
stand upon the mountainvideo

Leaving the Pew to Stand upon the Mountain (Prophetic Revelation) by Kriston Couchey

Dangling from the edge of the cliff, I struggled once again to pull myself up unto the level plain before me which capped the...
Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves Together

Forsaking the Assembling of Ourselves Together by Dave Yuebanks

“And let us not forsake the fellowship that we have among ourselves as the manner of some is: but let us exhort one another...
Worship Crosby

Church Worship – Is it for Him or for Us? By Steve Crosby

Church Worship - Is is for Him or for us explores the history of humanity's idolatry & compares it to the Sunday morning experience we call Worship.