Community Killers

community killers

We need to avoid Community killers if we really want to build up the Body of Christ. Its my prayer that you will be blessed by what my brother Jon Zens explains in the following chapter 10 from his new book.

Much Love Jose, editor

“Chuck Swindoll spoke about “grace killers” in his book, The Grace Awakening. Unfortunately, there can be behaviors in us that are potential community killers. There are many such ways of acting, but I would like to deal with the ones I’ve seen manifested the most over the years. If the Spirit touches us about certain issues in our life that could hinder Christ’s flow in the body, would we ask the Lord to deal with them?

Let’s imagine ourselves in a living-room group. What words and actions could be expressed that might sap the life out of a gathering? Here are some:

** Persons constantly bring up their personal agendas and preferences. They wear their convictions and scruples on their sleeves.

** Persons come across to others as if they have to be right. They won’t let go of their viewpoint.

** Persons interrupt others before they can finish their thoughts. They are not really listening to others, but wanting to insert their ideas before others can complete their sentences.

** Persons intimidate others by the way they forcefully speak, and by the body language they display. This causes others to shut down and clam up.

** Persons present themselves as know-it-alls. They give the impression that there is little they need to learn.

** Persons whose comments are laced with performance-based imperatives – “we’ve got to do this, we’ve got to do that,” and “God won’t love us if we do this or that.”

** Persons who talk too much. They often go on and on when they don’t have anything of substance to offer.

** Persons who talk too little. For various reasons, such people are afraid to share, and may think they have nothing to offer. Such need to be encouraged that they indeed have a unique and important portion of Christ to share.

** Persons who are leader wannabes think that they should run the meeting, pick the songs, do a teaching, and be the go-to source for the direction of the body.

** Persons who are judgmental in their spirits, and thereby want to portray themselves as better than others.

** Persons who are controlling and dominating must have everything done according to their wishes, and their viewpoints are usually fixed in concrete.

In a relationally-based community, issues like these, and many more, can be dealt with as the brothers and sisters sharpen one another through body life. It does not mean that all will be worked out harmoniously, but it does mean people will have opportunities for growth, and that community killers can be addressed. Vibrant body-life during the week goes a long way to help smooth the rough edges in the group.”

Jon Zens

From the book Elusive Community CHAPTER TEN — Do We Want to Build Up the Body?

As you can tell from Jon’s explanation, it only takes one person operating in the flesh without admonition and a group will fall apart sooner than later. JLB