George Dunn, A Healing Miracle

    Healing Miracle

    Healing MiracleFor me this healing miracle began with the Lord impressing upon me that I was to drive up to Morganton North Carolina (6.5 hours away) and be with George. The Spirit said George was at death’s door and I needed to be there. I didn’t want to go. The busyness of my life and the fear of driving that far alone at my age tried to stop me. I knew His voice and I knew I had to be obedient and the Lord would somehow get me there.

    When I arrived on Saturday and I was shocked by what I saw. George looked awful (like death warmed over) and I remember saying Lord if you brought me this far to be with my friend in his last days it is okay. The Spirit said no! I brought you here to reconnect George with the purpose of why I have kept him alive. George had been working on a teaching called “New Life in Christ” which I must confess I had no interest in another discipling tool. But I obeyed and said to George I want you to teach me this booklet everyday until I leave.

    The next morning I saw a little life come in to his face as Nancy began read and He would speak up when we came to something that needed explanation. This teaching & sharing process took 3 to 4 hours every day. Monday night Nancy and I prayed, anointed him with oil and spoke healing into His very tired and feeble mind body and soul. The Lord told me to break the spirit of fear, anxiety and to speak courage and life back into every cell of His body. Nothing visible happened.

    The next morning he woke up and went he tried to go to the bathroom we were in a battle for His life. Nancy fervently prayed as George was bent over fighting for His life. I stood behind Nancy and prayed for her as she contended with the spirit of death while at the same time trying to lovingly console George. George was heaving and convulsing until finally he caught his breath and literally fell into his chair worn out.

    I went into town and below is the rest of the story of this healing miracle…..

    Much love, Jose

    To all of our Friends and Family in Christ,

    Since I am technologically challenged and the only digital device, I can utilize are my fingers, I am writing to thank all of you for not only your visits but your standing in the gap for me during this time of crisis. I am also most thankful to Nancy for staying in touch with all of you and especially for her love and caring for me. Without her I know I would not be here to write to you today. She was indeed my lifeline. I’m also thankful to Jose Bosque for journeying here to be with us in this crisis.

    As you probably know, after weeks of battling heart and lung issues as well as asthma, I found myself having severe life threatening breathing attacks. The increase in frequency and severity until many times, I would cry and cry out for help. Sometimes, for hours Nancy would hold me, comfort me and share her strength with me. Her prayers and love literally kept me from totally letting go. I would sometimes go through hours of fighting off the panic that comes with not being able to breathe. It seemed that I was drowning and the harder I tried to breathe the worse it got until… I don’t remember much….this last time. All I know is that I finally “just gave up”. I was depleted of resources physical, spiritual, emotional, and intellectual. I just wanted to give up and yet I couldn’t, but it seemed to be out of my hands. I just could not fight it anymore. After hours of gasping, crying out for help and Nancy holding me, praying over me, and trying to calm me, I seemed to find a place of peace. From that point on it seemed as though I drifted in and out of consciousness. I remember sitting perfectly still trying to breath as calmly and shallowly as I was able but not fighting for every breath (which by the way) never came. I was somewhere else. Not sleeping, not conscious but not unconscious either. I knew I was somehow in what David called the valley of the shadow of death. At one point I remember sort of waking up and being vaguely aware of Nancy putting on a cd of some of my (our) favorite worship music. I drifted off again into oblivion. Where I was I do not know. I had no spatial awareness. I “saw” nothing, Yet I somehow seemed to be standing on the edge of something, like a shoreline or a road?!.. But I could see nothing – it was only a vague awareness. Then I heard: “What do you want George?” There were no bright lights, no recognition of who was speaking but I knew instantly what the choice was. So I answered: “I want to stay and be with Nancy and I want to complete whatever Kingdom work you have for me to do.” It was as though I was given a big, “OK”!

    Suddenly there I was back in our living room filled with air and joy. Immediately I began to sing praise as I attempted to rip off the full-face oxygen mask, I was wearing… Tears of joy streamed down my cheeks. I felt like dancing for joy. Just then I saw Nancy coming around the corner from the kitchen, beaming – her cheeks were wet with tears.” I remember saying, “You know, don’t you?!” Nancy smiled her special sweet smile. It was obvious that she did. We embraced and rejoiced together. Then I recalled the word of the Lord. “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.”



    That Tuesday was a hard day for us both. I cannot really know what George goes through when he literally cannot take a breath and I see very shallow, if any, rise and fall to his chest. I can, however, see the anguish, near panic and suffering on his face and hear the gasps, groans and gurgling as he struggles for even a wisp of air. It is heartbreaking and traumatic to see him suffer so. I know, rock solid, how the Lord can help you set aside your own reaction to this and help you hang onto that person you love, literally and figuratively. Somehow you instinctively know what to say and do to provide what relief you can from both the physical and mental trauma they are experiencing. I always have a breakdown afterwards at some point, where I deal with the pent up emotion, anxiety and exhaustion of the battle we have shared and give thanks that we have survived it once again. We have waged battle in crisis a number of times in the past 14 years, and even before that crisis which ended with his being diagnosed with “end stage” congestive heart failure. We were told then that he had days to live. We purposed at that time to live each day and love each other with thankfulness and we have. Yet some days are 100 years long and those that are not go by too fast. Tuesday, we realized “after” that we had both sensed that this battle was literally an experience of fighting in “the valley of the shadow of death”. We had talked and prayed about the “final” battle and George did not want to die in a hospital, especially now, when our system still would not let me be with him. His choice. We both know where he will “go” and I have peace with that decision, because it is his to make, not mine. It all started about 8:00 in the morning when George tried to make it from his sleeping chair in the bedroom to his chair in the living room. That took nearly 10 minutes of stopping and starting, all the while fighting for every breath. You think it is poor lung function listening, but we both know that first and foremost, it is his nearly dead, flaccid heart trying to flex and move the blood out to oxygenate the muscles in every system that keep life flowing through the body. He had been waging battle for several weeks, but this was a real escalation in the intensity of the attack, physically, intellectually and spiritually. We both knew it. About 10 am I went to the family room to make a phone call, and then I prayed. I know “who” numbers his days and I know who has kept him alive for 14 years with an imminent death sentence on his head. Medicine no longer even tries to explain how his test results can still indicate that imminent death and yet he keeps walking in the door at his specialist’s offices, heart beating, breathing, walking, and talking. But I live with the struggle too and he is my “lifeline”. He is not what keeps me living or my source, but he is what tangibly makes my days joyful, fulfilling, safe and satisfying. I know I would survive and cope fine without him. I managed to do that for 46 years before we met. The difficult part is imagining wanting to. But I knew how much he was suffering and I finally, truly released him to the Lord. I said, “Lord, I don’t want to be selfish and beg for you to keep him here. I know he was, is and always will be yours first. I would love to continue to share my life with his, but nevertheless, I surrender him to you. If being released from this suffering is what is best for him, help him to let go. Absent from the body, present with you.” Jose was here praying in the background and helping in the ways he could. Just having him here, knowing how much he loves George, us, provided great comfort and strength. For most of the next 5 hours, I held George, prayed, sang, and comforted him. Most of the time, he couldn’t talk. He couldn’t get up and he labored to live. About 2 pm he settled into whatever zone he took shelter in and seemed to be somewhat restful, but I watched the minute and infrequent rise and fall of his chest and prayed. There were phone calls and texts all day and I knew that the gates of Heaven were being assaulted with volleys of prayer for him and for me. About 3:45 I put on some favorite praise music and went around the corner to the kitchen to start some dinner. All of a sudden, I heard a shout of praise from him. When he has on his CPAP full face mask and oxygen and is struggling for breath, you can barely hear him. But this was a shout! I ran to the corner and as I came around, he jumped (yes, jumped) up, ripping off his mask and oxygen and shouted, “You know Nance, don’t you?” I was crying and said, “I do!” He then told me what he had heard and the answer he gave and he said, “All the voice said was, “Okay.”“

    Jose had gone to take a nap before George settled down*****. When he came out shortly after George  was rescued, I said, “You missed it buddy. The Lord just snatched George from the edge of death again!” Jose sat down and listened to George and then said, “You look different. You are pink all over.”

    He is back!!!! Hallelujah! All glory belongs only to our merciful God, who knew us before we even were. And we are thankful for that love and mercy.



    *****Actually, I had not gone to take a nap. I went into town to get a signal (WIFI) and the Lord told me pick up Cuban Food at a Taste of Havana and bring it back for us to enjoy. I did not know I was buying a celebration dinner for a healing miracle! That day after the healing George spent an entire roll of toilet paper heaving up the junk that had filled his lungs. Praise God for this healing miracle! Much love, JLB


    Healing Miracle