Just as you are, My Brother by Don Atkin

Just as you are

Just as you are my brotherWe are living in a time in history when our capacities to communicate are greatly multiplied through global access to the worldwide web. Potentially massive audiences can be gathered for good or for evil purposes, from edifying encouragements to felonious assaults.

Those of us who love God and are committed to His kingdom need a legitimate starting place for our internet investments in the brotherhood of believers. 

How about this for openers:

“You do not need to change anything or do anything for me to love you. Not only do I love you because that’s my theology and doctrine, I love you because love for you issues out of my heart where Love abides and rules.  He who is the Son of Love reveals Father’s love without prejudice or restraint.

“This Love is alive, even giving life to our mortal bodies.  This Love turns the other cheek, goes that extra mile, and even gives His shirt.  This Love returns good for evil, overcoming evil with good.

“Love is the Vine, and we are His branches.  We are to abide in Him even as He abides in us.  We are to come to know Love even as we are known by Love.  Therefore, we love with the Love by which we have been loved.  The root is love.  Therefore, the fruit is love.

“This Love is unconditional.  This Love loves when loved, when unloved, when reviled, when persecuted, even when crucified.  Those who surround us may hate us and rail against us.  They may curse with their words, beat and bruise with their hands; even thrust spears into our sides. Yet, Love will look down upon them and declare,

“’Father, forgive them; for they do not know what they are doing.’

“Forgive us as we work out our own salvation through so many imperfections, so much undoneness.  Forgive us for those momentary lapses back into the flesh in our thinking and actions.  Forgive us for failing to meet your expectations—for letting you down. 

“We choose to forgive our enemies.  We choose to forgive those who spitefully use and abuse us.  Yes.  We choose to forgive even those who would take our lives.

“We have not been sent into the world to condemn the world. We are ministers of reconciliation.

“Jesus receives you just as you are.  We receive you just as you are.  If you will receive us just as we are, we will walk together through the processes that will take us from glory to glory as we are transformed by the renewing of our minds, and conformed to Love’s image.”

We cannot fully walk in integrity unless and until we establish the perimeters for the family of God.  Even servant-leaders who are charged with the eldering and equipping of local allotments of believers will find that love, acceptance and forgiveness are vital keys to building the body of Christ into a viable and fruitful royal priesthood.

Judgments, accusations, critiques and the like do not sell, even to the worldly.  Surely they are anathema in a kingdom of love and light.  Jesus said, “I show you a better way.”

Above all, keep fervent in your love for one another, because love covers a multitude of sins.

Love never fails.

Don Atkin


Editors Note; For some the immediate cry and response is “Compromisers!”, No, we are not weakening the truth. Its just that in your battle to get people to believe how you think “According to the HOLY Word” you have WHOLLY missed the nature and the heart of HIM who is the WORD! You know what is a sad commentary? It was practically impossible to find a good image of pastors hugging!

Jose Bosque, Editor