Self Preservation; Turning Inward – Refusing to Engage

Self preservation

self preservationAmerica has been turning inward for quite some time. As a people, we are caring less and less every day about things that we consider to not be essential to ourselves. It’s not what we say or what we promise but what rules our heart that is manifesting at this hour.

The Body of Christ likewise has followed this unholy trend and as financial coffers dwindle, the volume has been turned down on anything that is not directly related to the home church. This opt-out or cop-out is the direct result of the current selfishness and self-preservation orphan spirit that so permeates our land. To reduce it even more for our understanding, it is the lack of love prophesied to surface during final days of the age.

Attendance has dropped everywhere. From the church house to the business world, scheduled meetings are feeling the brunt of this spirit. Like the church leaders who made their way around the wounded man, so are people today avoiding confrontation and refusing to engage the need before them. Outreach and Missions are taking the biggest hit, but the lack of interest and passion is also affecting God’s house and his leaders.

Recently, nationally ranked Florida State lost a close game to NC State. They were winning 16-3 at the half, and they decided to coast and just use two safeties instead of one to protect themselves from NC State making any long yardage. NC State started throwing short passes, and the final score ended up 17-16 with NC State winning the game. In the end the little guys had upset the big nationally ranked Seminoles. Self-preservation never wins.

Are you in Self Preservation Mode?

This is a crucial hour for the body of Christ. As darkness increases the Lord has promised that His light will increase over us. It is time for a self-check. Am I operating in fear? Have I fallen victim to the orphan self-preservation spirit? Have I let the things of the Lord slide to protect myself and my family? As a leader have I turned inward? Am I refusing to engage, defend, and extol His ways? As a son am I about my Father’s business or am I avoiding confrontation for the sake of MY ministry? Only you can answer these questions.

Here are some facts;

  1. If the Church wins she wins corporately, and NO your congregation/ministry alone is not the church.
  2. Avoidance is rooted in fear, self –preservation, and lack of love.
  3. While the world cuts back, this is the time for the Church to advance as never before.
  4. Every believer is a 24/7 365 days a year minister of the Gospel. No there is not an on and off switch that comes on only on Sundays.
  5. There will be no points in heaven for hiding our talents to keep them from being tarnished by use.
  6. If the mature church leaders do not start making a clear and distinct sound, God will raise up a youth generation that is not afraid to engage and confront or (GET REAL) with each other.
  7. The silence at this hour from those who claim to be apostles and prophets is deafening!

“The Bible knows nothing of solitary religion. I look on all the world as my parish; thus far I mean that, in whatever part of it I am, I judge it meet, right, and my bounden duty, to declare unto all that are willing to hear, the glad tidings of salvation”

John Wesley

PRAYER: Lord raise up a people after your heart! Raise up a people who will love your house more than they love their ministry. Lord I know it sounds harsh but take the talents and resources away from leaders who wish to hoard what doesn’t belong to them. Let your sons hear the cry of your heart and unite those who have a heart after your heart. Show us how to love each other at this crucial hour. Father, let the ZEAL of the Lord conquer and advance your Kingdom in JESUS precious name and for His sake.

Let the Church hear what the Spirit is saying….. We love you Papa and we trust you. Amen

Jose Bosque

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