The Clergy-Laity Division An Institutional Lie by Jon Zens


An Expose on The Clergy-Laity Division by Jon Zens


  1. […] 8. Many are leaving as they recognize the falsity of the Clergy- Laity division. All those robes and titles mean nothing! God is using all sincere holy vessels equally. As these believers grow closer to Christ they realize that their gifts were given to them to use in His kingdom not to just play supporting roles to another man’s vision. For years titles and positions in the church have been bought and sold to the “deserving.” Many are tired of playing the game and have come to understand that it is God who promotes. If a man gives it to you he can take it away from you but what God gives you no man can take away. See Jon Zens video on this topic: The Clergy-Laity Division An Institutional Lie […]

  2. After 45 yrs of overseeing small and mid size denominational type “churches” my wife and I are fed up with the divided, mixed up covenants, denominated daughters of the whore of Babylon. We will follow Jesus and no man made doctrines, relics of tradition, and rituals of religion. Reject reverends, tithes, structures for the entertainment of the fans. An excellent summary of the subject.


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