You are Creative

    You are Creative.

    There is not a normal bone in your body. Average will never describe you.

    You were designed in the likeness of your Father and your Elder Brother.

    You were not made to sit you were made to move>>>>>>>>>>>

    You enhance and change for good, every environment you enter.

    Sharing is difficult because you are a Voice. Maturity is a must!

    His Spirit bubbles forth from you so that you can speak things that are not into existence.

    You could write a collection of books, you have the pen of a ready writer

    You are trouble and a problem to the System because they do not understand you.

    You can not conform to human earthly designs because you came preset to default to the Divine. Your Identity is in Him.

    You were formed by The Creators Hand, so you always perform best when you have the freedom to color outside the lines and work outside the box.

    You are Creative.

    Your Father’s genes allow you to see want others cannot see.

    You cannot be saddled, you cannot be fenced in, caged or corralled.

    You were design to expand. occupy and take possession in your Father’s Name.

    You are Creative

    You feel energized when looking at you Father’s Masterpieces in Nature.

    The sea, the wind, the stars, the mountains, and the oceans all speak to you.

    You feel at home in the wilderness and the vast emptiness of the horizon calls to you because Pioneer is in your blood.

    You are Creative.

    You can focus on one project for hours or your mind can file so you can maintain many projects going on at the same time.

    You are motivated by your Father’s loving heart, you seek equity, fairness, and justice in the world and for all people.

    Rejection only fuels your demand for righteousness.

    The discouraged, the broken, the hurting, the weak and the underdog all call out to you.

    You were created for difficult times. Adversity is you friend. Change is the rod you hold over the impossible.

    When others run and hide you can stand because you abide in your Father’s strength.

    You swim gracefully and naturally in rough waters.

    You were created to go where others dare not tread.

    Remember, You are CREATIVE.

    God Bless the day you were born. The world is a better place because of you.

    Know that your Father believes in you!

    Much love,

    Jose L. Bosque

    1 John 1:3 we declare to you what we have seen and heard so that you also may have fellowship with us; and truly our fellowship is with the Father and with his Son Jesus Christ. 


    1. This brought tears .I was praying early and sensed the Lord leading me to be more organized about writing what He is showing me. I do not know exactly what to do with it or who I am to be ministering to, but I am starting with the ones in my life already when they want to hear.

      It was as if you wrote that just for me.

    2. I used to say to people that I wasn’t very creative. I stopped saying that a few years ago because it went against what the Lord Jesus says about me. Your statements in this article are very powerful. I find myself repeating them again today to reinforce that I am useful in His kingdom based on who He is! I am creative!

      Thank you for listening to the Lord and sharing your wisdom and insight with the body of Christ. It shows your desire to make our world a better place. The Lord bless you mightily!