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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Redefining leadership

Redefining Leadership – To Lead or Not to Lead by Steve Crosby

Redefining leadership - to lead or not to lead that is the question. A leader is not the chief visionary. A leader is not...
sabotage your life

How to let Religion Sabotage Your Life

This a short guide for those interested in learning how let religion sabotage your life. Deception is everywhere and sadly the church is no...
authentic christianity

7 Principles on Authentic Community by Dan Notti

 Ahh, man...not 'authentic' again!      "Can't you use some other word other than 'authentic'?" This was the frank and honest response my wife had...
charismatic religion

Why I am at War with Charismatic Religion by Steve Crosby

I recently had some time with very some close friends. They relayed to me a current, this week, story that so captured the issues...