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Monthly Archives: October 2014

upgrade to the New Covenant

The Church needs an Upgrade to the New Covenant!

There is a great need today for the church to upgrade to the New Covenant. Much of what is done and said today comes...
Mark Houser Praise Him Videovideo

Praise Him Video by Mark Houser

WOW is all I can say! Praise Him Video
why I love the church

Why I LOVE the Church by Kathy Escobar

Yes, I call out unhealthy church systems all the time.Yes, I rant and rave about equality.Yes, I believe sometimes people need to leave church-as-they-knew-it...
Spiritual formulas

Difference Between Knowing God and Spiritual Formulas

A friend and I were recalling the season many years ago when a popular teaching on faith emerged that promoted a clear cut strategy...

Understanding the Heart of a Deliverer

Understanding this article depends on two basic premises. One, you believe that although the times and seasons are painting us a progressively darker world,...
sunday sermons

How are my Sunday Sermons? by Jon Zens

I could just see a pastor asking his members this question.How are my Sunday Sermons? Perhaps that is not the best way to judge...