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two types of leaders

Two Types of Leaders: Which Will You Become? by Frank Viola

In our leadership-frenzied Christian culture, I've opted for a different label for leadership. That label is influence. Despite the unhealthy love-affair that countless Christians have...
Tired of being a Church Tweaker

Tired of being a Church Tweaker?

Why I broke down in tears at "The Future of the Church Summit" by John White This is probably one of the best videos I have...
Double honor


Double honor has been so abused in modern Christianity. Here is pure teaching from someone with no selfish agenda. Editor JLB The elders who rule...
pass the baton

Why is it so Difficult to Pass the Baton?

Why is it so difficult to pass the baton to the next generation? Why do Christian Leaders (Bishops “Pastors” Elders) have so much trouble...