A Message to the Body of Christ in 2020

    Message to the Body of Christ

    Another message to the Body of Christ? Is this just some simple words falling to the ground? We will soon know. I want you to know I write these words with fear and trembling. Also, I write these words because of the love I have fo the Body of Christ.

    Lately it has been hard for me to spend much time on Facebook. Everywhere you look people who call themselves Christians are falling for the Media Buzz of this Age. Post after post reveals the wandering hearts of God’s people. I won’t waste one second telling you what those issues are, and NO, I have no comments about them either.

    I know that each issue has a message that has been specially crafted by the prince of darkness to evoke anxiety, worry, and doubt, not to mention the ones that make the flesh in me want to load my guns and take some people out. Pure darkness!! That man does not live anymore. He was buried with Christ. Now my heart and my mind are on heavenly things. I was bought with a price. My feet are on this planet solely to do His will.

    It is 2020 and religion is in the throes of death. Only those things that cannot be shaken will remain. Real difficult times lie ahead, and only those who are walking with Him and in authentic relationship with His earthly Body will remain. It is time to strengthen the relationships that the Lord has given to each of us. Tighten your belt because the forces of darkness are more united than the Body of Christ. Mafia=Family, Cartels=Family, Gangs=Family, but what about the Church? We barely meet the requirements of a social club.

    The Sunday morning thing has been tested and found wanting! Most Christians are running around like a chicken with its head cut off. The New Normal is going to test the spiritual depth of every born-again believer. Many have already thrown in the towel, and many more will follow in the days to come. Some are leaving the status quo church to find God, and some are leaving because they were never really in. But leaving they are!

    No matter how anything plays out there will be a people that need love. These people will be tired of words and begin to look for a family who will really care for them, and where they can belong. The Church has had decades to show our brotherly love to the world but we have failed. This is the hour of greatest opportunity! In this time of deep darkness our Light will shine like the stars in the sky. For the tired, hungry, and thirsty, it will be a sign the Lord dwells among them. They will come in droves, and no building will contain them.

    Will the real Church of the Lord Jesus Christ please stand! No, we are too busy kneeling in prayer, feeding the poor, taking care of the widows and helping the hurting. All of this without an agenda. We offer life because He who is LIFE lives inside of us. Like in the days when Christ walked the earth His disciples will be comforting the forgotten, the rejected, and the deplorables of this society. What about the message? The Gospel? Our preaching will be by example more than with words. Christ in us is the only HOPE of Glory. Nothing but an incarnated word will move hearts that have been broken and re-broken a thousand times!

    Can you see it? If not, I ask you why not? What has so filled your mind and heart that you have trouble falling asleep? Why has hatred and fear so filled your soul? Why are you so angry? Why do you find yourself doing things again that you thought you had overcome years ago? Maybe this verse can help you. I pray that it will.

    For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also

    John 6:21

    You have just a few months before things get more out of hand.  Get serious with your life and the life of your family by disconnecting, rejecting, deleting, and detaching from anything that takes your focus off the One who died for you! Put your head on His bosom and you will hear the cries of humanity. Then go and do as the Spirit leads. No matter what it costs, and no matter where it takes you.

    America wants to laugh while the world cries! That party is almost over!

    If you think this message to the Body of Christ is extreme, it only reveals where your heart really is. Do not get mad at the postman; deal with the ONE who sent the Letter.

    For those who choose to hear what the Spirit is saying at this time to His Body, our greatest days are ahead! Just flow with Him.

    Much love,

    Jose L. Bosque