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The Kind of Love that is Building His Church

The Kind of Love that is Building His Church

In a world where morality is falling like dead leaves in the winter words just don’t carry the weight necessary to communicate properly. Our...
Prophetic delay

Lessons from the Cave: Responding to Prophetic Delay

His dreams of fulfilled destiny lay wrecked before him. From the heights of being anointed for the throne, and of a famous victory over one...
doctrine of dominion

A Response Concerning a New Twist on the Doctrine of Dominion

This response comes from the heart of five authors after reading and seeing an increase of a new twist on the Doctrine of Dominion...
why do bad things happen to good people

Why do Bad things happen to Good people – a Response

My Dear Brothers In the Lord, If I thought a christian band aid would help I would say to you (as" did Robert Schuller), "Tough...
The apostolicity of the church

Apostles and the Apostolicity of the Church by Don Atkin

Apostolicity is a word that has been discussed and defined both in Catholic and Protestant Reformation contexts for many years.  It does seem that,...