unanswered prayer

The Mystery of Unanswered Prayer

The mystery of unanswered prayer is truly something that leaves many Christians bewildered and confused. I was recently asked by Frank Viola to share...

The Formula and our Need for a Systematic Theology

The problem with trying to put God  in a box i.e.. "A Formula" has been one of the greatest downfalls of the modern church. Once...
Getting Back to Christ

Getting Back to Christ the True Center of Christianity by Kokichi Kurosaki

Recently, some have recognized the impotency and wrongness of the existing state of the churches and are endeavoring to remedy the situation by reuniting...
others centered

The Test of Others Centered Christianity

Are you others-centered? We are living in perhaps the most selfish and self-centered generation to date. Life in this 21st century is all about...
Unity is Not Uniformity

Christian Unity is Not Uniformity! by Steve Crosby

Can two walk together except they be agreed? Amos 3:3 Christian Unity is Not Uniformity. Can two walk together in disagreement? YES! It grieves the Spirit...
The Law of Christvideo

The Law of Christ in the New Covenant

  Jon Zens The Law of Christ in the New Covenant
celebrity pastors

Celebrity Pastors Getting to the ROOT of the Problem

America is one big celebrity culture. Big names. Big followings. Big money. One expects celebrity worship and big money in the culture of the...