seeking the presence of god

Pagan Practice of Seeking the Presence of God

For years as a Christian and a pastor, I struggled with my identity in Christ. I was taught that Christ was in His Bible...
Worship Crosby

Church Worship – Is it for Him or for Us? By Steve Crosby

Church Worship - Is is for Him or for us explores the history of humanity's idolatry & compares it to the Sunday morning experience we call Worship.

The Opposite of Saved is NOT Lost!

Why do we need to label people as lost. Do we have a need as Christians to feel superior? God help us! First, let me...

You are an Apostle to Who?

You are an apostle to who? You think you are an Apostle; why? Who are you serving in this capacity? Do they recognize the...
Depths of the Fathers Love

The Many Facets of the Father’s Love

How important is this article on the Father’s Love to the Church of the Lord Jesus Christ in the 21st Century? Well, I understand...
Presence of the Lord

Why Seek the Presence of the Lord?

Why do we seek the presence of the Lord today? The current modern church landscape has many things wrong with it. We all know...
Getting Back to Christ

Getting Back to Christ the True Center of Christianity by Kokichi Kurosaki

Recently, some have recognized the impotency and wrongness of the existing state of the churches and are endeavoring to remedy the situation by reuniting...
Relationships in the Church

Beyond Sub-standard Relationships in the Church

What is beyond the relationships in the Church? How do you go beyond these sub-standard relationships? How do you engage with the Church that...
Battle in the mind

The Battle in the Mind for the Heart of Man

It is not my desire to speak as sociologist but as a man of God. I simply speak what His Spirit says to me....
The Law of Christvideo

The Law of Christ in the New Covenant

  Jon Zens The Law of Christ in the New Covenant
stand upon the mountainvideo

Leaving the Pew to Stand upon the Mountain (Prophetic Revelation) by Kriston Couchey

Dangling from the edge of the cliff, I struggled once again to pull myself up unto the level plain before me which capped the...

My Journey out of the Different Institutions

This is my Journey. This is my Testimony. This is how I found Freedom from the institutions in Christ Alone. Though Martin Luther is commonly...

Church: Who, What, Where & Why

Who is the Church is the number one question I am constantly asked. It seems that when we leave the religious system of men,...
Spiritual formulas

Difference Between Knowing God and Spiritual Formulas

A friend and I were recalling the season many years ago when a popular teaching on faith emerged that promoted a clear cut strategy...
Missing the Mark

Missing What Mark? Brad Jersak

Periodically, I hear sin defined as “missing the mark,” as if this grand discovery will repair our misunderstandings about sin, the gospel or God...
your quiet timevideo

How to Avoid the Religious Defaults in Your Quiet Time

Why am I writing this? I have Christian Music piping in softly from Pandora, I am tucked away in a corner of my office,...
Christian Lust for the Supernatural

Christian Lust for the Supernatural by Steve Crosby

I am thankful for forty years of charismatic heritage. I have experienced the best and the worst that universe can offer. If, like Paul,...
thye pagan conversion to christianity

The Early Church and the Pagan Conversion to Christianity by Steve Crosby

Have you ever wondered why hundreds and thousands joined the early communities when it would cost them everything? Great grace, power, and fear were...
Organic Life

Thoughts on Organic Life

Since Organic Life is more about a Way than about a Doctrine, then our example or what we model in our daily life is...
Unity is Not Uniformity

Christian Unity is Not Uniformity! by Steve Crosby

Can two walk together except they be agreed? Amos 3:3 Christian Unity is Not Uniformity. Can two walk together in disagreement? YES! It grieves the Spirit...